ISOAPNodeDisp Interface


This interface defintion drives the implemation of the IDispatch interface for the CoSoapNode object, it is an aggregation of all the methods from all the interfaces supported by the object. You cannot call QueryInterface for this interface, its definition is only used to provide an implementation of IDispatch for scripting clients.


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
Name  [propget] see ISOAPNode::Name
Name  [propput]
Namespace  [propget] see ISOAPNode::Namespace
Namespace  [propput]
Type  [propget] see ISOAPNode::Type
Type  [propput]
TypeNS  [propget] see ISOAPNode::TypeNS
TypeNS  [propput]
Value  [propget] see ISOAPNode::Value
Value  [propput]
ValueAs  [propget] see ISOAPNode::ValueAs
SerializerFactory   see ISOAPNode::SerializerFactory
root  [propget] see ISOAPNode::root
id  [propget] see ISOAPNode::id
href  [propget] see ISOAPNode::href
actor  [propget] see ISOAPNode::actor
mustUnderstand  [propget] see ISOAPNode::mustUnderstand
offset  [propget] see ISOAPNode::offset
position  [propget] see ISOAPNode::position
nil  [propget] see ISOAPNode::nil
root  [propput]
id  [propput]
href  [propput]
actor  [propput]
mustUnderstand  [propput]
offset  [propput]
position  [propput]
nil  [propput]
Nodes  [propget] see ISOAPNode::Nodes
EncodingStyle  [propget] see ISOAPNode2::EncodingStyle
EncodingStyle  [propput]
explicitRoot  [propget] see ISOAPNode3::explicitRoot
explicitRoot  [propput]
role  [propget] see ISOAPNode12::role
role  [propput]
relay  [propget] see ISOAPNode12::relay
relay  [propput]
ref  [propget] see ISOAPNode12::ref
ref  [propput]


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When to Call


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