ISOAPNode Interface


This interface is the primary access to the Node object.


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
Name  [propget] The name part of the element
Name  [propput]
Namespace  [propget] The namespace URI for the element name
Namespace  [propput]
Type  [propget] The name part of the XML Type
Type  [propput]
TypeNS  [propget] The namespace URI for the XML Type
TypeNS  [propput]
Value  [propget] The current value of the node
Value  [propput]
ValueAs  [propget] This allows to access the current value, de-serializing it as a particular simple type if required. This is useful if the SOAP message doesn't contain embedded type information [via xsi:type]
SerializerFactory   Sets the instance of the serializerFactory to use if needed when ValueAs is called
root  [propget] Indicates if this is a serialization root
id  [propget] The id of the element [see multi-ref encoding in the SOAP spec]
href  [propget] the href URI [see multi-ref encoding in the SOAP spec]
actor  [propget] The actor URI
mustUnderstand  [propget] the mustUnderstand attribute, mustUnderstand is used as part of a robust versioning scheme in SOAP
offset  [propget] the array offset, used for partially transmitted arrays
position  [propget] The array item position, used by sparse arrays
nil  [propget] This element has a nil/null value
root  [propput]
id  [propput]
href  [propput]
actor  [propput]
mustUnderstand  [propput]
offset  [propput]
position  [propput]
nil  [propput]
Nodes  [propget] A nodes collection object that represent the children nodes


When to Implement

You shouldn't need to implement this interface


When to Call

Call this interface to manipulate Node objects


See Also

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