ISOAPEnvelope::Parameters Property (read-only)

[propget] HRESULT Parameters([out, retval] ISOAPNodes ** Nodes);

This accesses the parameters collection [i.e. the collection of nodes that are children of the methodName element]. This correctly takes into account multiple serialization roots. You use this to build or read the parameters to the call you are making.


Return Values


Sample Code

dim e
set e = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.Envelope.2")
e.setMethod "AddNumbers", ""
e.Parameters.Create "a", 10
e.Parameters.Create "b", 20
set t = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.HTTPTransport.2")
t.send "", e.serialize
e.parse t
wscript.echo "results = " & e.parameters.item(0).Value


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