IHTTPTransportAdv Interface


This inteface allows access to the HTTP specific properties and configuration values.


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
Timeout  [propput]
Timeout  [propget] This get/sets the current timeout value [in milliseconds].
SetProxy   Calling SetProxy enable the use of a proxy server for subsequent calls to Send/Receive
NoProxy   Disable Proxy Server support, subsequent calls to Send/Receive will make direct connections
Authentication   Sets the server authentication credentials
ProxyAuthentication   Sets the authentication credentials for connecting to the proxy server
StatusCode  [propget] Returns the last HTTP status code received [e.g. 200]
MaxRedirectDepth  [propget] Controls the maximum number of HTTP redirects to follow before stopping
MaxRedirectDepth  [propput]


When to Implement

Implement this if you are writing a HTTP transport


When to Call

Call this interface to configure HTTP specific properties of the HTTP transport.


See Also

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