ISoapAttachments Interface


This interface represents a collection of attachments.


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
_NewEnum  [propget] Returns a standard COM enumerator.
Count  [propget] The current number of attachments in the collection
Item  [propget] Returns a particular attachment from the collection
Find   Searches the collection for a specific attachment, based on its Id.
Append   Adds the Attachment object to the end of the collection.
Clear   Empties the collection
Create   Creates a new Attachment, and appends it to the collection


When to Implement

There's a standard implementation of this interface provided, you shouldn't need to implement it.


When to Call

Call this interface to create and access attachments stored in either the Request or Response collections.


See Also

The PocketSOAPAttachments Library | 




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