Got more logins that you can shake a stick at? get them under control with Trapdoor. Trapdoor securely stores all your logins in the system provided keychain, and can quickly login to for any of them.

Quick Start

Launch Trapdoor, and it'll automatically list all your keychain entries for, in both the Login menu, and in the Dock's context menu. Simply select one of the entries from either menu and trapdoor will quickly login you in. Don't have any keychain entries yet for, don't despair, just goto File -> Enter New Credentials to create some.

Tip: For maximum benefit, use the Dock Context menu to have Trapdoor automatically start at when you login to your Mac.

Trapdoor In Action

The dock context menu

The Login menu

The New Credentials window, you have the option to use different browsers for different usernames

Tip: Alias is optional, but set one for each login, and it'll appear along with the username on the lists of logins to make it easier to differentiate them.

Preferences Window, where you can see the list of browsers detected.

System Requirements

Requires Mac OSX 10.9 or later, and at least one account

Download the latest version of Trapdoor
If you're still on a version of OSX earlier than 10.9, then Trapdoor v1.8 supports OSX 10.5 and up. [although this will stop working in the upcoming TLS 1.0 disablement apocalypse]

Release History

v1.11, Feb 24, 2017
v1.10, March 17, 2016
v1.9, May 29, 2014
v1.8, May 18, 2010
v1.7, March 4, 2010
v1.6, Feb 24, 2010
v1.5, Aug 13, 2009
v1.4, Sept 14, 2007
v1.3, July 11, 2007
v1.2, May 1, 2007
v1.1, Feb 21, 2007
v1.0, Jan 26, 2007