PocketSOAP WSDL Proxy Generator (v0.1.2 1/3/2002)

Note: this is superceeded by the 2.0 release.

This wizard will read a WSDL file and produce a VB6.0 class that calls the web service it describes. It generates code for use with pocketSOAP 1.2.1 (or greater). Once the class file has been generated simply add it to your VB project, add a reference to the pocketSOAP library, and you're all set. This requires MSXML3.0 to be installed which is not included.

Import, multiple services / port types, select which operations to include, the generated class supports changing the endpoint URL. Simple parameter types are now mapped to their VB counterparts in the function declarations in the generated proxy. the v0.1.2 release includes some more detailed error reporting to try and trap the problems some people are having running this tool.

The current version assumes you are using section 5 encodings (it doesn't check), it assumes there's only at most a single return value (although that return value can be a complex type). It only looks at the message parts to build the message / function signature, if the WSDL uses a schema to define the message, it won't pick that up (although the generated class is still a useful starting point).

Download it here (2104k). This will automaticaly update any previous version you might have installed to v0.1.2