SOAPBuilders Interop Registration and Notification Service

Tired of trying to keep up with the constant flood of updated servers & clients that need results checking, and tests re-running ?, well, I was, and I came up with this, a SOAP based service for capturing Interop events. Automatically get called when someone updates their server implementation and have it run your test suite for you. Keep track of who's posted new client results, so you can go and check them out.

You register your server implementation and/or client results, and then make subsequent calls when you make updates. You can also register for notifications when someone has posted server or client updates, so you can re-run any tests.

The WSDL for the core service is here, and there's a separate WSDL here that describes the notification service if you want to receive updates.

More details on the structure of the registry data, and using the SOAP interface is available here.

As well as the SOAP based interface, there's some browser based & RSS formatted info as well ( Use an RSS aggregator like Radio or Aggie to monitor the RSS feed.)