ISerializerOutput::SerializeNode Method

HRESULT SerializeNode([in] ISOAPNode * n);

This takes a SOAPNode object and serializes it, mutli-ref encoding rules are applied as needed.



ISOAPNode *, [in]: The node to serialize


Return Values


Sample Code

Visual Basic Class File

Implements ISoapSerializer

Private Const NS = ""

Private Sub ISoapSerializer_Serialize(  Val As Variant, _
                                        ByVal ctx As PocketSOAP.ISerializerContext, _
                                        ByVal dest As PocketSOAP.ISerializerOutput)
    Dim a As AuthInfo
    Set a = Val
	' authInfo has two properties, which are actually SOAPNode objects.
	dest.SerializeNode a.Type
	dest.SerializeNode a.Key
End Sub


See Also

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