ISerializerFactory::XsiForPrimaryNS Method

HRESULT XsiForPrimaryNS([out, retval] BSTR * uri);

The serializer factory keeps track of the current primary XSD namespace, which allows the serializer engine to serialize using the older XSD namespace. This allows a serializer to find out what the matching XSI [XML Schema Instance] namespace is for the current primary XSD Namespace (e.g. to generate xsi:type attributes)



BSTR *, [out, retval]: The XSI namespace that matches the primary XSD namespace


Return Values

A string containing the NamespaceURI of the XML Schema Instance for the current primary Schema Namespace


Sample Code

HRESULT CSerializerSimpleBase::WriteType(VARIANT * val, ISerializerContext * ctx, ISerializerOutput * dest ) 
	if ( m_type.Length() ) 
		CComPtr sf ;
		ctx->get_SerializerFactory(&sf) ;
		CComBSTR xsi ;
		sf->XsiForPrimaryNS(&xsi) ;
		static CComBSTR type (OLESTR("type")) ;
		dest->QNameAttribute ( type, xsi, m_type, m_typeNS ) ;
	return S_OK ;


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