PocketSOAP 1.5.0 Type Library


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The following coclasses are defined in this library:

Name Description
CoEnvelope This represents a SOAP Envelope, its a central part of any pocketSOAP application
HTTPTransport A HTTP 1.1 Transport with support for persistent connections, compression, cookies, redirects, proxies, proxy authentication, server authentication and SSL
CoSoapNode This represents a node within a SOAP envelope
CoSerializerFactory The Serializer Factory maintains the mappings between SOAP and COM
CoSerializerSimple A Serializer object that handles most simple types
CoSerializerArray A Serializer object for handling Arrays
CoDeserializerArray A De-Serializer object for de-serializing SOAP arrays
CoSerializerNode A generic serializer for the CoSoapNode object
CoSerializerB64 A Base64 encoding serializer
CoSerializerDate A Date (ISO8601 format serializer)
CoSerializerPB The PropertyBag serializer, this can be used to [de]serialization any COM object that supports IPeristPropertyBag
CoSerializerBoolean The serializer for handling booleans
RawTcpTransport A simple TCP based transport that works with the SOAP::Lite TcpServer option.
CoSerializerNull A serializer for NULL's
CoSerializerHexBin A [de]serializer that maps between COM arrays of Bytes and the xsd:hexBinary XML Schema type
CoQName An COM object that represents an XML QName (Qualified Name)
CoSerializerQName A [de]serializer for the CoQName object
CoInterfaceFinder This is a helper class, that at runtime tries to find the default Interface IID for a given object.
CoSerializerArray12 This is a serializer for handling SOAP 1.2 arrays
CoDeserializerArray12 This is a deserializer for handling SOAP 1.2 arrays
CoEnvelope12 A SOAP 1.2 Envelope



The following interfaces are defined in this library:

Name Description
ISOAPTransport This is the standard interface all transport objects should implement
IHTTPTransport This is the standard interface all HTTP based transport objects should implement [in addition to ISOAPTransport]
IHTTPTransportAdv This interface allows access to the advanced features of the pocketSOAP HTTP transport object
ISOAPNamespaces This interface allows access to the current Namespace definitions during [de]serialization
ISOAPEnvelope The primary interface to the SOAP Envelope object
ISOAPNode This represents a Node [element] within the SOAP message
ISOAPNodes This is the main interface to the Nodes collection object
ISerializerOutput This represents the current serialization stream, to properly handle mutli-ref encoding, the serializer engine will switch the actual stream this points to between the main stream, and the independent elements stream as required.
ISerializerContext This interface allows you access to various pieces of contextual information you may want access to whilst doing serialization
ITypesInit This optional interface indicates to the serializerFactory that you are interested in receiving the type information it used to select the [de]serializer.
ISoapSerializer The serializer engine requires that all serializer objects implement this interface
ISoapDeSerializerAttributes This allows access to the attributes on the element currently being deserialized
ISoapDeSerializer Deserializer objects are required to implement this
ISerializerFactory This is the interface to the serializerFactory that the serializer engine uses, the serializer factory is used to find the correct serializer for particular types, its where most of the "knowledge" about XSD is coded.
ISerializerFactoryConfig This interface is used to configure an instance of the serializerFactory
ISwATransport Transport objects implement this interface to indicate that they can support payloads with Attachments (either DIME or SwA)
ISOAPNode2 This extends the ISOAPNode interface to include EncodingStyle support.
ISerializerFactoryPool This allows access to the serializer pool maintained by the serializerFactory
ISerializerFactoryConfig2 This allows you to setup local element type mappings.
ISerializerFactory2 Extends the type resolution to include local types support.
ISOAPTransportTimeout Indicates that the transport supports Timeouts, and allows you to alter the timeout value.
ISerializerFactoryPool2 This interface is used to access the [de]serializer pool
IXmlQName An XML QName
ISOAPNode3 Extends the ISOAPNode so that you can tell if the root attribute was explicitly set in the message.
IInterfaceFinder Extracts Interface type information at runtime
ISimpleSoapSerializer An interface for serializing XML Schema simple tyeps.
ISimpleSoapDeSerializer Deserializes simple types into COM values
ISerializerOutput2 Allows you to serialize any COM value via a registered Simple Type serializer as an attribute value.
ISoapDeSerializerAttributes2 Allows you to access typed attributes values, getting the de-serialized as required.
ISerializerFactoryEx Extended serializerFactory methods
IStreamReader A simple stream reader interface, that supports resetable streams
IHTTPTransportAdv2 Set advanced configuration options for the HTTP Transport
ISoapDeSerializerDefaultHandler This is an internal signalling interface
ISerializerFactoryConfig3 allows for the configuration of understood SOAP Headers
ISerializerFactoryHeaders checks the serializer factory to see if we understand this soap header
ISOAPNode12 This is the interface to a Node object that includes SOAP 1.2 support
ISOAPNodeDisp This is the scripting friendly version of the soap node objects methods
ISOAPEnvelope2 Exposes SOAP envelope version information
ISerializerContext2 Additional context information about the envelope version
IClassFactoryVersion This is an internal helper interface used during creation of new envelopes
ISOAPTransport2 This is a version of ISOAPTransport that supports a streaming interface for both send and receive
IHTTPTransportDisp This is a scripting friendly interface to the http transport object.


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