ISoapDeSerializerAttributes::Value Method

HRESULT Value([in] BSTR Name, [in] BSTR Namespace, [out, retval] BSTR * val);

This returns the value of a particular attribute [as identified by its name and namespace URI]



BSTR, [in]: The name of the attribute
BSTR, [in]: The namespace URI of the attribute
BSTR *, [out, retval]: The value


Return Values

The attribute value [as a string], or if the attribute does not exist on this element the error E_INVALIDARG is returned.


Sample Code

Option Explicit

const SOAP_ENC = ""

Implements ISoapDeSerializer

Private Sub ISoapDeSerializer_Start(ByVal node As PocketSOAP.ISOAPNode, ByVal ElementName As String, ByVal Attributes As PocketSOAP.ISoapDeSerializerAttributes, ByVal ns As PocketSOAP.ISOAPNamespaces)
    If Not Attributes.Exists("arrayType", SOAP_ENC ) Then
        Err.Raise vbObjectError + 9876, , "Array is missing arrayType attribute!"
    End If
    dim arrType as string
    arrType = Attributes.Value("arrayType", SOAP_ENC )
    CrackSoapArrayType arrType
End Sub


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