ISerializerOutput::WriteTextNoEncoding Method

HRESULT WriteTextNoEncoding([in] BSTR text);

Write out textual data as an element value, No XML escaping is applied, it is up to you to ensure this is well formed XML. When you know the text is XML safe, then you can use this method instead of WriteText as it doesn't carry the overhead of checking and encoding the string.



BSTR, [in]: The text to serialize


Return Values


Sample Code

Visual Basic Class File

Implements ISoapSerializer

Private Const NS = ""

Private Sub ISoapSerializer_Serialize(  Val As Variant, _
                                        ByVal ctx As PocketSOAP.ISerializerContext, _
                                        ByVal dest As PocketSOAP.ISerializerOutput)
    Dim a As AuthInfo
    Set a = Val
    dest.WriteTextNoEncoding a.Username
End Sub

' in this example, we know that a.Username will never contain any characters that need encoding. 


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