ISerializerFactory::DeserializerForType Method

HRESULT DeserializerForType([in] BSTR XmlType, [in] BSTR XmlTypeNamespace, [in] VARIANT_BOOL IsArray, [out, retval] ISoapDeSerializer ** s);

For a specific Xml Type (identified by its NamespaceURI/Localname pair), find a suitable de-serializer.



BSTR, [in]: The Xml Type name
BSTR, [in]: The namespace URI for the Xml Type [this is typically the XSD namespace URI]
VARIANT_BOOL, [in]: If set to VARIANT_FALSE, then this will find a deserializer suitable for a single instance of the Xml type, otherwise it returns a deserializer suitable for handling an array of that type.
ISoapDeSerializer **, [out, retval]: The matching serializer, if the serializer also implements ITypesInit, then the serializer factory will of already called ITypesInit::Initialize(...)


Return Values

A suitable de-serializer for that type, or E_NO_DESERIALIZER if there is no suitable match


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