ISerializerFactoryEx::SerializerForNode Method

HRESULT SerializerForNode([in] ISOAPNode * n, [in] BSTR ParentType, [in] BSTR ParentTypeNS, [out] BSTR * type, [out] BSTR * typeNamespace, [out, retval] ISoapSerializer ** s);

Finds a serializer for a particular Node value, taking into account its serialization context, such as containg type and element name. This allows values with the same COM type, to have different resulting XML types, depending on their context. e.g. a particular service may want to get one parameter as a xsd:base64Binary, and another parameter as an xsd:hexBinary, both of these are represented as bytes arrays in COM, so this allows to handle those context specific mappings.



ISOAPNode *, [in]: The node whose value needs a serializer
BSTR, [in]: The containing XML Type.
BSTR, [in]: The namespace of the containing XML Type
BSTR *, [out]: This receives the matching XML typename
BSTR *, [out]: The receives the namespace of the matching XML type.
ISoapSerializer **, [out, retval]: The matching serializer to use.


Return Values

The type, typeNamespace and resulting Serializer will be populated following the call.


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