ISerializerFactoryConfig Interface


This interface is used to configure the serializerFactory


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
ElementMapping   Create a mapping between an element QName and a Xml Type
Deserializer   This registers a new deserializer
Serializer   This registers a new serializer
PrimarySchema  [propget] get/sets the primary schema that the serializer factory will try and generate serializations in. This defaults to the XSD recommendation version.
PrimarySchema  [propput]
RootFirst  [propget] This controls whether independent serialization roots are serialized before or after the main serialization root.
RootFirst  [propput]
SetConfig   Set the serializer factory to a known configuration


When to Implement

There is a standard implementation of this interface you should only implement it if you are replacing the standard serializer factory


When to Call

Call this to alter the serializerFactory configuration from the defaults.


See Also

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