ISerializerFactory Interface


This interface is primaryly used internally by the PocketSOAP serialization and deserialization engine to map between XML and COM types


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
SerializerForValue   Given a variant value, find a suitable serializer for it
SerializerForNode   Given a CoSOAPNode object, find a suitable serializer for the nodes value [this is a shortcut for ISoapNode::get_Value(); SerializerForValue()]
ReturnSerializer   Once the serializer engine has finished with a serializer, it calls returnSerializer, so that the serializer can be returned to the pool.
DeserializerForType   Given an Xml type, find a suitable deserializer
DeserializerForElement   Given an element QName, find a suitable de-serializer.
ReturnDeSerializer   Returns the de-serializer object, back to the pool
XsiForPrimaryNS   Returns the XML Schema Instance namespaceURI for the current primary Schema Namespace
IsAnyType   Given an Xml Type, it will return true if it is an AnyType type [xsd:anyType for the 2001 XSD Schema or xsd:ur-type for the 1999 XSD schema]
AreEqualComTypes   Given a pair of Xml Types, this method calculates if a de-serialized instance of both types would result in the same COM type
FindComType   Given a particular Xml Type, this returns the resulting COM if an instance of that type was deserialized


When to Implement

Implement this if you want to completely customize the Type mapping process.


When to Call

Call this interface to access type mapping information during serialization or deserialization


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