ISerializerContext::SerializerFactory Property (read-only)

[propget] HRESULT SerializerFactory([out, retval] ISerializerFactory ** sf);

This allows access to the current serializer factory. Typically you don't need this, rather you should just call SerializeNode or SerializeValue, which will look for the correct serializer in the serializerFactory. One time you do need access to this is to find out what the current namespace URI is for XSI [the XML Schema Instance namespace]


Return Values

An interface to the current serializerFactory


Sample Code

Visual Basic Class File

Implements ISoapSerializer

Private Const NS = ""

Private Sub ISoapSerializer_Serialize(  Val As Variant, _
                                        ByVal ctx As PocketSOAP.ISerializerContext, _
                                        ByVal dest As PocketSOAP.ISerializerOutput)
    dim sf as ISerializerFactory    
    set sf = ctx.SerializerFactory
    ' add an xsi:type='x:auth' attribute
    ' make sure the xsi prefix is ascociated with the correct XSI namespace for the primaryNS.
    dest.QNameAttribute "type", sf.XsiForPrimaryNS, "auth", NS
End Sub


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