ISOAPNodes Interface


This is the primary interface for working with collections of nodes


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
_NewEnum  [propget] A standard COM enumerator, allows use of the "for each node in nodes" functionality
Item  [propget] Access a specific child item, by offset
ItemByName  [propget] Access a specific child item, by name and namespace URI
Count  [propget] The number of nodes in the collection
Append   Adds a new node to the end of the collection
Clear   removes all items from the collection
Create   Creates and initializes a new node, add it to the collection and returns it.


When to Implement

There is a standard implementation of this [see the CNodes class], you shouldn't need to implement this.


When to Call

Call this interface to manipulate a collection of nodes.


See Also

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