ISOAPNode::actor Property

[propget] HRESULT actor([out, retval] BSTR * actorURI);
[propput] HRESULT actor([in] BSTR actorURI);

All SOAP Nodes do their processing in the context of a current role, typically this is the default role, and you don't need to set it. However if you are using intermediaries, then the intermediaries act in the context of a different role. The Actor URI allows you to target a particular header at a specific role.


Return Values

///todo: discuss the possible return values


Sample Code

dim e,t,n
set e = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.Envelope.2")

' call the echoString method
e.setMethod "echoString", ""
e.Parameters.Create "InputString" , "hello world"

' but use an intermediary to log the request/response
' the intermediary acts in the role of ''
const LOG_NS = ""
set n = e.Headers.Create ("Log", "", LOG_NS) = LOG_NS
n.root = true
n.nodes.create "NextHop", "", LOG_NS

wscript.echo e.serialize

set t = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.HTTPTransport.2")
' send the request to the intermediary
t.send "", e.serialize

e.parse t

' print the results of the echoString call
wscript.echo e.parameters.item(0).value


See Also

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