ISOAPNode::ValueAs Property (read-only)

[propget] HRESULT ValueAs([in] BSTR Type, [in] BSTR TypeNS, [out, retval] VARIANT * pVal);

This allows to access the current value, de-serializing it as a particular simple type if required. This is useful if the SOAP message doesn't contain embedded type information [via xsi:type]


Return Values


Sample Code

dim e , t
set e = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.Envelope.2")
e.setMethod "Add", ""
e.Parameters.Create "a", 20
e.Parameters.Create "b", 20
set t = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.HTTPTransport.2")
t.send "", e.serialize
e.parse t
wscript.echo "results = " & e.Parameters.Item(0).ValueAs ( "int", "" ) 


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