IHTTPTransportDisp Interface


This interface defintion drives the implemation of the IDispatch interface for the HTTPTransport object, it is an aggregation of all the methods from all the interfaces supported by the object. You cannot call QueryInterface for this interface, its definition is only used to provide an implementation of IDispatch for scripting clients.


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
Send   see ISOAPTransport2::Send
Receive   see ISOAPTransport2::Receive
SOAPAction  [propget] see IHTTPTransport::SOAPAction
SOAPAction  [propput]
Timeout  [propput]
Timeout  [propget] see IHTTPTransportAdv::Timeout
SetProxy   see IHTTPTransportAdv::SetProxy
NoProxy   see IHTTPTransportAdv::NoProxy
Authentication   see IHTTPTransportAdv::Authentication
ProxyAuthentication   see IHTTPTransportAdv::ProxyAuthentication
StatusCode  [propget] see IHTTPTransportAdv::StatusCode
MaxRedirectDepth  [propget] see IHTTPTransportAdv::MaxRedirectDepth
MaxRedirectDepth  [propput]
Option  [propget] see IHTTPTransportAdv::Option
Option  [propput]


When to Implement


When to Call


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