CoSoapNode CoClass


The Node object represents a single node [such as a parameter] with the SOAP envelope. It holds information such as the nodes value, its Xml Type. It also contains a collection of child nodes.l


Supported Interfaces

Name Description
ISOAPNode  [default] This represents a Node [element] within the SOAP message
ISOAPNode2   This extends the ISOAPNode interface to include EncodingStyle support.
ISOAPNode3   Extends the ISOAPNode so that you can tell if the root attribute was explicitly set in the message.
ISOAPNode12   This is the interface to a Node object that includes SOAP 1.2 support


How to Instantiate

You can create a stand alone Node object with set n = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.Node.1") ' do something with n however typically you create new nodes by using the create function on the nodes collection class to quickly create a new node in the correct place.


Sample Code

dim e, h
set e = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.Envelope.2")
' get 3 quotes in one go
e.setMethod "getQuote", ""
e.parameters.create "Symbol", "AMD"
e.parameters.create "Symbol", "MSFT"
e.parameters.create "Symbol", "INTC"

' create a header node with our user info in
set h = e.headers.create ("Credentials", "","")
h.nodes.create "username", "simonfell"
h.nodes.create "password", "password"


See Also

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