CoInterfaceFinder CoClass


This is a helper class, that at runtime tries to find the default Interface IID for a give object. This is typically used when configuring the serializerFactory for VB based objects, as its not possible to dictate what the Inteface IID for a VB generated interface should be. The WSDL wizard uses this in the code it generates to configure the serializer factory.


Supported Interfaces

Name Description
IInterfaceFinder  [default] Extracts Interface type information at runtime


How to Instantiate

Create a new instance via CreateObject, New or CoCreateInstance.


Sample Code

Set m_sf = New CoSerializerFactory
Dim i As New CoInterfaceFinder
m_sf.Serializer i.DefaultIID("XSpaceService.AuthIDPassword"), "AuthIDPassword", "", "XSpaceService.s_AuthIDPassword"


See Also

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