CoEnvelope12 CoClass


This is a SOAP Envelope that's already configure to be in SOAP 1.2 format


Supported Interfaces

Name Description
ISOAPEnvelope  [default] The primary interface to the SOAP Envelope object
ISOAPNamespaces   This interface allows access to the current Namespace definitions during [de]serialization
ISOAPEnvelope2   Exposes SOAP envelope version information


How to Instantiate

Call CoCreateInstance (or CreateObject etc) using the CLSID of ProgID.


Sample Code

dim env, t
set env = CreateObject("PocketSOAP.Envelope.12")
env.SetMethod "echoString", ""
env.Parameters.Create "inputString", "Hello World"

set t = CreateObject("PocketSOAP.HTTPTransport")
t.Send "", env
env.Parse t


See Also

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