CoSoapFactory CoClass


You use this object to create new proxy objects for specific SOAP servers.


Supported Interfaces

Name Description
IProxyFactory  [default] Use this interface to create new proxy objects. This is a leggacy interface, included for backward compatibility only, new applications should use IProxyFactory2 instead.
IProxyFactory2   Use this interface to create new proxy objects.


How to Instantiate

Use the standard language feature for creating COM objects [CreateObject in VBScript, CreateObject or new in VB, or CoCreateInstance in C++]


Sample Code

Dim pf As Object, sp As Object
Set pf = CreateObject("pocketsoap.Factory")
Set sp = pf.CreateProxy("", "urn:xmethods-delayed-quotes")
lres.AddItem txtTicker.Text + vbTab & sp.getQuote(symbol:=txtTicker.Text)


See Also

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