PocketSOAP Attachments 1.5 Type Library


This library allows you to generate and parse SOAP attachments using either DIME or SOAP with Attachments.

This implementation conforms to the following specifications.



The following coclasses are defined in this library:

Name Description
CoAttachmentManager The main object, this manages the request & response attachments for a particular request.
CoSoapAttachment A single attachment object



The following interfaces are defined in this library:

Name Description
IPartPayload This interface provides standardized access to the attachment data.
IPartPayloadProvider A factory interface for generating PartPayload implementations
ISoapAttachmentFormat Controls the attachment format
ISoapAttachment Common information about a single attachment
ISoapAttachments This interface represents a collection of attachments.
IAttachmentManger This manages the attachments for a particular request/response exchange.
IAttachmentMangerDisp The scripting version of the IAttachmentManager interface


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